What Are Some Good Things About Violent Video Games

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One of the less-swell explored consequences of exposure to video recording games is the reinforcement of blackbal stereotypes, peculiarly gender stereotypes. It has been incontestible that to the highest degree video games hold negatively conventional sexuality images ( Dietz 1998; Dill et atomic number 13. 2005), such As portrayals of males in dominant roles and as too masculine intense heroes, and of females in slavish, sexually consumptive roles—as busty, headless, victims of aggression ( Provenzo 2000). At the same time, small research has been conducted to look into the specific effects that exposure to unimaginative and/or violent content has along players’ attitudes towards male and female roles and characteristics. Currently, some of the pop video recording games, such atomic number 3 Grand Theft Auto (GTA), present and even what are some good things about violent video games reward sexualized violence towards women without accenting any veto consequences to the perpetrator. Previous search has shown that aggressive behavior increases when violence is perceived atomic number 3 normative and socially approved ( Vernberg, Jacobs, and Hershberger 1999). Additionally, studies along exposure to fast-growing images in the video games ( Funk 2005) and to violent and sexually degrading depictions of women in the movies ( Anderson et atomic number 13. 2003) advise that desensitisation to the woe of others and lour empathy may leave from antiophthalmic factor lengthened exposure to such images. Since many of the popular video games today contain some unimaginative and aggressive content, information technology is belik that large amounts of time spent playacting video recording games in superior general, and fast-growing video games In specific, wish take a negative set up on adolescents’ social cognitive development, desensitizing them to gender stereotypes and sexualized violence against women atomic number 49 society.

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